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About Us

Breezy wind blows along a small bay located strategically along the Strait of Malacca, it is where great cooling cocktails are served with a variety of Asian and Western cuisines, “Bert’s has it all!!” It is the impression and distinctiveness that drives the founder – Bertrand Pau, to re-construct the idea of alfresco dining here at Bert’s Garden Seafood.

Nestling in exclusivity

Just about 20 minutes from the historical Malacca city towards Tanjung Kling/Masjid Tanah town, there is an interesting alfresco eating sanctuary.


‪‪Mere three hundred meters from the Batang Tiga Police Station, taking a little left turn into the Jalan Kampung Pinang, one will uncover a magnificent and well-restored old mansion which is now being modernized to a fine and cozy restaurant that serves exotic Asian fusion and Western cuisines.

‫‫‫‫When Simplicity Meets Delicacies

At Bert's Garden Seafood, food served here are interestingly simple and unpretentious, and be considered typical "kampung style" (village style). 


Fresh seafood such as giant prawns, red snapper, crabs and squid are grilled over slow crackling inferno of charcoal fire, accompanied by Bert’s famed mouth-watering Nasi Lemak served with simple yet alluring sambal (spicy chilli paste) and ikan bilis (anchovies).


"Nowadays, people prefer food that is prepared in the simplest way possible as it retains its freshness and sweetness without over indulgence in marinades" says Bertrand (or Bert in short), the owner and proprietor of the 20 years old Bert’s Garden, the latter also known intimately by many regulars and expats as Bert’s Place.

Our Chef Recommendation ***

Another must-try dish in Bert’s Garden is the grilled Red Snapper or Sea bass on banana leaves topped with Bert’s home-made sambal (spicy chilli paste). The grilled giant prawns with butter and garlic is another must-try seafood, whereas Bert’s regulars swear by the succulence of its popular black pepper crabs and ‘Kam Heong’ crabs (shrimp paste with curry leaf ).


We use only the best!" Bert added, an avid believer in non-compromising stand on good grades meat and fresh catch.

Quiet Hideaway And Indulgence

‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫‫Bert’s Garden opens from 4.30p.m. to 12.30a.m. daily, at full capacity can cater up to 200-250 pax, Bert’s Garden has been a favourite place for corporate events and functions, preferred friends’ hang-out place and a family get-together session or simply a quiet tete-a-tete meeting.


A fine restaurant with friendly atmosphere and fine ambiance coupled with fabulous food, Bert’s has it all, and has attracted patrons from all over the country and overseas. Any corporate or private events are welcomed, with a minimum RM 30 per pax and up to RM 100 per pax. Have a sneak peek at Bert’s website at for more information.

“Bert’s has it all!”